Slow Meat is a campaign and event that brings together ranchers, farmers, butchers, chefs, consumers and experts to share ideas on how we can move towards meat that is good, clean and fair.

From June 4 to 6, 2015, Slow Meat returns to Denver, USA. The event is part conversation, part celebration. On Thursday and Friday, the Slow Meat Symposium will welcome a diverse delegation to examine the current state of meat and build the solidarity necessary to move past the absurdity of industrialized production.

On Saturday, we will celebrate Slow Meat in action at the daylong Slow Meat Fair, a new element in the 2015 edition which is open to the public.

    • Slow Meat Symposium
      Gathering of Leading Thinkers
      A delegation of ranchers, activists, chefs, policy makers and more will be selected to attend the symposium.
    • Workshops
      A mix of presentations, group discussions and peer-to-peer learning will engage delegates in a holistic evaluation of the status of meat production and consumption.
    • Network Building
      Slow Food thrives on the informal connections built by sharing good food, drink and conversation. The symposium will provide ample time and programming to stimulate discussion and connection within the delegation.
    • Ongoing Action
      Intervention points that emerge from the Symposium will shape the ongoing Slow Meat campaign, through which Slow Food communities across the world will be encouraged to raise awareness and take local action.
    • Slow Meat Fair, June 6

      A day of discovery, connection and good food. This celebration of Slow Meat invites the public to experience the tangible reality of good, clean and fair food. Visitors will be able to shop at booths featuring products and services in the spirit of Slow Meat; attend public lectures discussing innovations and challenges; participate in small workshops with renowned experts; and of course taste lots of great Slow Meat fare.

More information and tickets are available here.

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