Slow Food believes that small-scale fishers form an essential part of fragile aquatic ecosystems that must be protected along with the biodiversity of marine species. Through the Slow Fish campaign, we are working to promote artisanal fishing and neglected fish species and inspire reflection on the state and management of the sea’s resources.

Our international Slow Fish campaign promotes small-scale fishing and responsible fish consumption. We work to inform people about the richness and fragility of the marine world so that consumers can make more informed choices and widen their choices beyond the most popular – and often overfished – species. The campaign invites consumers, chefs, academics and fishers to find local solutions that support better management of the sea’s resources.

Slow Food has been working in the field of sustainable fishing for several years, with the biennial Slow Fish event in Genoa, Italy, local initiatives all over the world and projects supporting responsible fishing communities.

The Slow Fish multilingual website  brings together existing information and resources on the issue, and communicates the work of the Slow Fish network.

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