Slow Food is taking a stand to support the rights of small-scale producers around the world who produce traditional and raw milk cheese and dairy products, particularly in countries where strict government hygiene regulations threaten their livelihoods.

We are losing cheeses, animal breeds, pastures, herders, skills and ancient knowledge. It is not simply a question of the best milk and cheeses; our food culture and the freedom to choose what we eat are at stake.

Slow Food is working on these issues, educating children and adults, resisting standardization and protecting small-scale producers and food biodiversity.

In 2001, Slow Food launched a campaign to protect cheese made from raw milk, gathering over 20,000 signatures in support of the Slow Food Manifesto in Defense of Raw Milk.

Find out more about the campaign, the issues, and our bi-annual event dedicated to artisanal dairy on the official Slow Cheese website.

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