Slow Food has long promoted a clean agricultural system that protects the landscape, does not harm the environment and preserves biodiversity: the ideal kind of agriculture for the well-being of bee colonies.


Collaboration: Slow Food collaborates with different civil society organizations working on the issue of bees, primarily through the European Beekeeping Coordination (Bee Life).

In 2013, Bee Life established an international alliance together with more than 45 beekeepers organizations, farmers associations, research institutes, citizen rights and environmental organizations. Slow Food is part of this alliance, known as the Alliance to Save the Bees and Agriculture. One of the first joint activities of this alliance in 2013 was the nomination of pesticide-producing companies Bayer, BASF and Syngenta for a so-called Public Eye Award: an initiative launched by Greenpeace International and the Berne Declaration to highlight irresponsible business practices.


Petitions and campaign activities: Slow Food supports different campaigns related to bee decline, many focused on EU policy. In 2013 for example, Slow Food took part in a campaign calling on the European institutions to end the use of harmful pesticides, neonicotinoids.


PresidiaOur Presidia, concrete projects to protect at-risk foods by working together with producers, include a number of honeys, honey by-products and bee species:

  • High Mountain Honeys, Italy
  • Black Sicilian Bee, Italy
  • Polish Mead, Poland
  • Sateré-Mawé Native Bees Honey, Brazil
  • Tigrai White Honey, Ethiopia
  • Wenchi Volcano Honey, Ethiopia
  • Puebla Sierra Norte Native Bees Honey, Mexico


Ark of TasteOur catalog of at-risk foods across the world includes many honeys and bee products.


Food communities: Many of the Terra Madre food communities are beekeepers. In Ethiopia, a number of producers have now formed a nation-wide network (Honeys of Ethiopia network) to link together the producers of the best artisanal honeys.



Photo: © Giuseppe Fassino

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