Join the first World Disco Soup Day in history on April 29th!

This year the Slow Food Youth Network has decided to organize the first Global Disco Soup Day. While in some parts of the world people suffer from hunger, one third of the food intended for human consumption is being thrown away – that’s 1.3 billion of tons of food in the bin every year. It’s clear we have a huge challenge ahead of us. Time for action!

We are inviting everyone from the Slow Food Youth Network and beyond to start their own Disco Soup event on April 29th 2017. Join us and fill bellies instead of bins!

What is Disco Soup?

Disco Soup started 5 years ago as Schnippeldisko in Berlin, Germany, a “protest soup” against food waste that fed 8000 people. Throughout the food system there’s an enormous amount of perfectly good food being wasted; whether it’s vegetables left to rot in the fields, food discarded by supermarkets or consumers not using what they buy. Disco Soup aims to raise awareness of this global problem by showing that all this “waste” is actually perfectly edible, even it requires a little effort.

All you need to do is get in touch with farmers, wholesalers, markets, shops and supermarkets to see if they can donate some food instead of throwing it away. Then, with some tables, tools and at least one big pan you’ve got a Disco Soup going!

DIY Disco Soup in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Find an easy-access location where people can sit or dance with access to electricity.

Step 2: Find food waste! Ask farmers, (super)markets and bakers if you can collect their unsold food that would otherwise go to waste.

Step 3: Find your friends! You’ll need a group of enthusiastic people who can help you collect all the food waste, cut a lot of veggies and love to dance.

Step 4: Make an invitation and ask people to bring their own bowls and cutlery. Create a Facebook event, link to the SFYN page and share some inspiring photos or videos beforehand. Create a buzz!

Step 5: Add your Disco Soup-song to the World Disco Soup Day 2017 playlist. Did you know that there’s a global spotify playlist where everybody can add their own Disco Soup music? We’ll be dancing to the same beats worldwide!

Step 6: Serve soup and dance! – filling bellies instead of bins.

April 29th is the first Global Disco Soup Day, so serve as much soup as possible and dance!

Do you want to join us and organize your own local Disco Soup? Let us know and read the toolkit!

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