New format, same goal. In light of the persistence of this pandemic moment, the World Disco Soup Day 2021 (WDSD) will also be digital this year. On Saturday 24 April 2021, activists and friends of the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) and Slow Food from all over the world will commit themselves to cutting, cooking, dancing at home, participating in an unprecedented challenge against food waste.

World Disco Soup Day is the largest collective effort to combat food waste and climate change. It is the day when the SFYN groups organize parties and turn food waste into a Disco Soup. It is an event to cook, eat and dance together, showing a fun way to save food, but also to seriously reflect on the amount that goes to waste and on the solutions we all have at hand.

Like last year and despite blockades and quarantines all over the world, we want to continue to address this issue and raise public awareness. In previous editions, Disco Soup activists transformed 50,000 kilograms of food into thousands of delicious meals, involving thousands of volunteers on all five continents. 

We are convinced that we can do the same online. But we need your help!

Why fight food waste with a discoparty?

Today, one third of the food produced for our consumption is wasted. It is being fed to bins. Saving 25% of this, would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people in the world, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

We all care about this big problem and we want to change this. Filling bellies, instead of bins! It’s not just about telling you to not to waste food, but also celebrate when you do save food. That is what we do with Disco Soup!
As Tristram Stuart, the founder of the environmental organization Feedback, once said:

“In order to save the planet you have to throw a better party than the people who are ruining it.”

How did it start?

Disco Soup started 8 years ago in Berlin, Germany, as Schnippeldisko, a ‘protest soup’, against food waste that fed 8000 people.

From then on, they started to spread across the world as a fun, meaningful way to bring this crisis into focus. Many different editions have taken place. Each Disco Soup event was individually run, relying on local volunteers to organize every detail, until in 2016, the Slow Food Youth Network Brazil organized a national Disco Soup Day. So, why not do the same internationally?

We got together with our international network of food producers, activists, students and others food professionals and decided to organize the first World Disco Soup Day! Now on April 28 we once again call for attention and action against global food waste, by organizing one of the best known projects of the Slow Food Youth Network: Disco Soup.

“The idea is to give the importance and bigness that the food waste issue has, by doing a big event at the places that suffer with this issue, in other words, by doing the event in the whole world”

Caio Bonamigo Dorigon, Brazilian SFYN leader and one of the coordinators of the event.

April 24: Save the date & join!

Come and fight with us the fun way! Get involved in whichever way you like best:

  • Join the Slow Food 0-wate cookoff: the zero impact cooking competition! The time has come to show the world your creative, sustainable and above all #zerowaste recipes. You can participate in the competition as individuals or as a community, just specify it when registering for the World Disco Soup Day.
  • Throw your own Covid-19 proof Disco Soup event: it can be a traditional Disco Soup or you can come up with your own anti-food-waste event.
  • Join our online program on the 24th of April: stay tuned for the final schedule.
  • Get yourself a copy of the Disco Soup Cookbook: pre-orders are open until the end of April:
  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook or, even better, if you are doing something to fight food waste, tag us! @worlddiscosoupday @slowfoodyouthnetwork #worlddiscosoupday #discosoup #slowfoodyouthnetwork #sfyn
  • Write about us Give World Disco Soup day the attention that it deserves! For press info, write to our coordinator: [email protected].

Wanna join us? Find here all the information

Any questions? Reach out to the WDSD Task Force at [email protected]

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