Terra Madre Day can be celebrated in an endless number of ways, from small gatherings to large events: a celebratory picnic or dinner, a film screening or concert to raise the profile of good, clean and fair food, an excursion to visit Terra Madre producers, food or taste education activities, a local gathering of producers, chefs, youth and others… or a combination of the above. Be creative!

Campaigns and Fundraising: This year’s focus is the 30th anniversary of the Slow Food Manifesto!
Terra Madre Day is an excellent occasion to discuss and highlight the key principles of Slow Food and the future of food.

30 Years of the Slow Food Manifesto is the main focus of this year’s Terra Madre Day, which reflects on what we’ve achieved in the last three decades and our goals for the future. We are calling on all our convivia and communities around the world to take advantage of this day to spread the word about this campaign. Use the hashtags #SlowFoodManifesto and #SlowFood to tag your posts!

Celebratory Communal Meal
Meals shared in schools or universities, restaurants, on farms and in public settings can bring the pleasure of good, clean and fair food to a wider audience! By inviting producers to attend, diners will expand their knowledge and appreciation of local food. These occasions also help us remember that food means enjoyment, culture and conviviality, and the act of eating can influence our values and attitude.


Excursion to Producers
From a train journey in the French Alps to a school excursion in Morocco, tours to carefully selected farms and producers from a specific region offer an excellent way of bringing consumers and producers together, providing an enjoyable hands-on educational experience, where people sample products and learn from producers.


Film and Cultural Events
Music, theater, oral traditions and visual arts can all play a role in creating a critical awareness of food culture. For example, a cinema program that focuses on food-related issues, the agricultural and food industry’s repercussion on society and the environment, and our gastronomic heritage.


Thematic Activities
Dedicating an event to a specific food, issue or tradition can be a way to focus attention on something important to your community or convivium. In Uganda, an event focused on hunting down rare varieties of fruit and vegetables to protect biodiversity, while in Canada, participants celebrated their native blueberries at a local farmers’ market.


Food and Taste Education Activities
Food education activities take a wide range of approaches and can be organized for varied audiences: children and adults, teachers, farmers, members and the public. An activity may involve school gardens, guided tastings, providing a forum for a guest speaker or local producer, knowledge exchange between older generations and young people, or practical workshops.


Local Terra Madre Gatherings
Meetings between producers, cooks, researchers, young people and consumers provide an opportunity to strengthen the local good, clean and fair food network, to share information and present ideas for the future to the public and governments. Terra Madre producers could come together with your local Slow Food network in conferences, workshops, markets, or excursions.


Photos From Past Events

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