December 10, 2021 – Terra Madre Day

Come together and take part in the 12th Terra Madre Day – download the toolkit!

Terra Madre Day is a major Slow Food event, where our communities and convivia celebrate their diverse food identities through local events held simultaneously around the world. 

The theme of this year’s Terra Madre Day is “Back to the Roots: Food & Community”, inviting us all to come together around the table and share a meaningful meal with our communities.

But don’t just think of picnics and dinners; feel free to include a range of other ideas to your events such as debates, film screenings, farm visits and any other activities your community would enjoy doing!

Taking part is easy:

  • Come up with an event around the theme “Back to the Roots: Food & Community”
  • On the 10th of December and the days around it, share photos and communicate your experiences on all of your social media channels with the hashtags #TerraMadreDay and #SlowFood
  • Consider donating to Slow Food! Even a small contribution will help support our work to build back stronger relationships and communities, through food.

Let’s all celebrate Terra Madre Day 2021 together!

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