Slow Food’s Education Manifesto 

Education according to Slow Food (engitadeuespfraporpycjpncin)

Slow Food Education Handbook

Practical advice for Slow Food convivium leaders and educators (engitadeuespfra)

To the Origins of Taste: A Taste Education Kit

Through games and participation, this course provides the opportunity to train your senses and acquire basic tasting vocabulary.

Education Manual

Methodological suggestions and indications for Slow Food trainers

Slow Food Heroes materials

Some of the stories told by the Slow Food Heroes project reformulated for an audience of kids ranging in age from 8 to 13. The stories, in addition to recounting the virtuous experiences of the protagonists during the Coronavirus pandemic, also explore some important concepts of the Slow Food philosophy, such as the short supply chain, the Alliance of Chefs and much more. Food remains the focus of every story, the starting point for sharing a unique moment in our human history and helping those in need (eng – ita)

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