Thematic Networks

Our Thematic Networks bridge local and geographical divides by uniting people around a specific cause.

All of us want to see changes in every aspect of our food system. The challenge is gathering people from around the globe to make these changes happen.

Our thematic networks have evolved to do just this, engaging everybody in our mission to secure good, clean and fair food for all. Each thematic network focuses on a specific issue or food type—be that fish or meat, coffee or wine—and pursues it in line with our movement’s philosophy of protecting biodiversity, inspiring individuals and advocating for better food policy.

How, if not for the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, could we unite Cuban coffee producers with Italian roasters and conscious consumers in the US? How could we foster the integration of migrants within society, and use food as a vehicle for inclusion through training and employment opportunities if not through the Slow Food Migrant Network? And how, if not for the Indigenous Terra Madre Network, could we bring Indigenous voices to the forefront of the debate on food and culture?

Many thematic networks have formed spontaneously, developing between local groups in pursuit of a similar objective. Slow Food International coordinates thematic networks from our headquarters in Bra, Italy, but many other thematic networks are now flourishing at national level.

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