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Together for Good, Clean and Fair Coffee

The Slow Food Coffee Coalition is an international, open and collaborative network that unites everyone involved in the coffee supply chain.

Our coalition nurtures relationships between those whose passion or profession is coffee. We empower farmers by increasing their representation and visibility and raise awareness among consumers by promoting the identity and knowledge of coffee. And that is just a taste of what we do.

We believe that sensory quality and good agricultural practices should go hand in hand.


We stand for:

Preservation of the environment and of ecosystems as a key factor of resilience to the climate crisis.

Biodiversity as a systemic approach to the environment, communities and local products.

Food security through the application of agroecological principles.

Human and labor rights safeguarding fundamental rights across the whole supply chain.

Inclusivity regardless of gender identity, race, ethnicity, age or religion.

Education and fostering dialog among all the participants within the coffee supply chain, while creating shared knowledge that both generates awareness and empowers everyone involved.

Transparency across the coffee supply chain.

Traceability as proof of coffee quality and process optimization, from field to cup.

Coffee's specific origin (where it is produced and by whom).

The right to gastronomic pleasure knowing how to appreciate the taste, aromas and scents of coffee.

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By signing the Manifesto you will be joining thousands in calling for good, clean and fair coffee. Also, you will receive “Brewing a better world: the responsible coffee lover’s toolkit”

Slow Food Coffee Coalition

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  • Our Goals

    We established the Slow Food Coffee Coalition to transform the coffee industry by adopting sustainable techniques, promoting transparency, and celebrating the diverse cultures that are inherent in coffee farming. By emphasizing regenerative and agroecological methods, our coalition hopes to build a community in which each cup of coffee is infused with social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

    Promote Agroecological and Regenerative Cultivation. Our farmers cultivate their land using agro-ecological and regenerative practices, honoring and strengthening the biological and cultural variety of their territory. We support farming methods that work in harmony with agriculture and the environment and promote the long-term health of our planet.

    Encourage Good, Clean and Fair Coffee. Our coalition works with consumers, baristas, chefs and food operators in raising awareness on how to select good, clean, and fair coffee.

    Establish an Intimate and Cooperative Network. We are cultivating a community that promotes collaboration among growers, vendors, roasters, cooks, baristas and customers. Because we are stronger together, we encourage cooperation and openness throughout the entire coffee supply chain to most effectively promote fair prices, sustainable practices, and agroecological methods.

    We envision a world in which fairness, sustainability, and cultural diversity permeate every step of the coffee journey—from production to consumption. Through the adoption of regenerative techniques, awareness-building, and collaborative efforts, we are shaping a future in which coffee is more than a beverage but a representation of positive change and shared responsibility.

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