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Slow Fish - Good, Clean and Fair Fish

Our Planet, Seen from the Water


Slow Fish at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto (Turin, September 22-26) will take you on a journey, above and below the water, to explore how we can all reconnect to the waterways and build a healthy future for the water world, for communities who directly depend on them and for populations who enjoy and depend on fish for food...


Our waterways are the bloodstream of our planet. Currents and winds pump water around the ocean, the sun heats it and brings it back to the mountain, in a beautiful perpetual cycle of movement. Slow Fish will reconnect us with our waterways. Listen, ask, see, taste, play, and you will be changed.

Listen! They carry the voice of the invisible... Of those that are too small for us to see, and those who have become transparent and soundless to the world.

Still vastly unknown today, water systems support climate regulation, irrigation, fisheries, transportation, recreation, energy and mineral extraction and production, sediment and nutrient flows, and much more. A common resource, they are also subject to many abuses and grabbing, which harm the environment, our communities and our food cultures.


Ask! Questions equal quality - the more we ask, the more value grows in the hold of the boat and the mouth.*


Running parallel to workshops and discussions, every morning and afternoon, collective art using paper, chalk and used fish cans will help us understand and experience the key aspects of sustainability: the diversity of the species that inhabit aquatic bodies, from plankton to predators, the destructive power of acidification, but also how we use and eat the bounty of the ocean.


Play! Wake the life of the fish on ice: face up to the strange and local shapes of the sea - be changed!*


The SFYN Tank (Slow Food Youth Network laboratories) will also explore how to think out of the can, by engaging multidisciplinary skills, using a creative approach to giving value to fish preserves.

We will plunge into the diversity, complexity and interconnectedness of "fishues", and hear the story of communities who are organizing to adapt to ecosystem changes and resist forces that systematically disenfranchise and marginalize them.
We will understand what responsible fisheries have in common with indigenous land rights, forest management and fair transportation.


Listen to those who daily listen to the sea - its whispers of distress, its songs of harvest - shout what they say to the paper world.*


We will also follow the great rivers and lakes of the world, and meet the people who know them best.
We will celebrate Africa's diversity , from the Cape of Good Hope to Maghreb, from the Atlantic to the Indian ocean coast, from great mythical lakes to the Congo river, and from tiny to very large islands such as São Tomé and Madagascar.

Taste! Your plate is the world: explore the wild territories of the catch!*


We will go to the Mediterranean, which contains no less than 20% of the water world's biodiversity. Today, it is in a critical state. We will welcome ideas to prepare for Slow Fish 2017 in Genova, ur next appointment, in which we will share ways to restore our precious mare nostrum.


Fish will also make its way to the Chefs' Alliance tables: anchovies at the Clouds of Ercolano in a Turin Sky, plankton cake at An Atlantic Wind , soft shell crabs in A Plate of Dreams, Ligurian shrimps in The Smells and Colors of the Sea,


Taste! Not a plate of fish, but a dish of tides, grounds, nets and hooks - all that was not caught, sweetening the flavor.*


Monday afternoon, we celebrate!
A fish auction will have the highest bidder take back not a fish but a fish print (Gyotaku), a shellfish sculpture, or a brilliant piece of our collective art using recycled fish cans. The auction will also benefit the Terra Madre Community in Ecuador, devastated by the earthquake in April this year.


See! Growth ring on fish scales, the fisher's brief thumbprint on fish flesh - one without the other is a half-hearted story.*


Hear the stories that the water is carrying from all around the world. Come to Slow Fish at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto and get to know your fisherman!


* Poetic sentences are extracts of the Slow Fish of the Northern Seas Poetic Manifesto, Written by John Wedgwood Clarke.


Click here to read the complete program.

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