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Dear friends,


As you may know it seems that the blue fin tuna stocks are recuperating and leaving the alarming state that had few years ago. But behind this good news story lies a dark tale of social injustice and of missed opportunity. Hundreds of polyvalent small-scale fishers in the Mediterranean who traditionally fished Bluefin tuna are effectively excluded from the fishery. Case after case is coming to light of smaller scale fishers being discriminated against by unfair quota allocation systems across the EU that fly in the face of sustainability and social justice. Nowhere is this more so than in the case of Bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean. You may have seen the article LIFE published  few months ago explaining a little bit more about this issue (


The purpose of this message is to explain you that Spanish small-scale fishers are getting organized to take action and demand to their Government to review the allocation of quota system into a fairer and more sustainable one, according the article 17 of the CFP, that requires that states use "transparent and objective criteria, including those of an environmental, social, and economic nature" when allocating fishing opportunities. They decided to collect signatures from their colleagues, families and all the citizens that feel this problem should be solved. So this is why we would like to kindly ask you to sign this online petition(, and most of all, that you explain this problem to your friends and relatives and spread as much as you can this petition, so in September they can show the social endorsement to their demands to their Governments and push for a fair and sustainable distribution of these common goods.



We thank you in advance for you attention and your solidarity, and remain at your disposal if you have further questions and comments!



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