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We're not leaving, we're staying


After the earthquake April 7, 2016, a mute and silent plot of eviction, displacement and dispossession of the island of Muisne, has been weaving the government of the self-proclaimed "Citizen Revolution" in Ecuador.

The island has been declared by the government to be a 'high risk zone for its inhabitants', but also, at the same time, an 'area for the promotion of tourism'. For the inhabitants of Muisne, it is a cruel irony that shows the government opacity and their shady interests.

"We're not leaving, we're staying here" has been the response of the people, women and men, of the island that multiplies resistance and calls upon organization for defense of homes and land, that cradle of mangrove territory which had sheltered their people for generations.


Click here to see the video: MUISNE we're staying Biejo Lucho from Pocho Alvarez on Vimeo.

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