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A Slow Food Campaign

Understanding the Oceans

Fish: It’s a slippery issue. Hidden underwater, our marine resources are not easy to study or understand. What state are our seas in? What fish species are on the verge of extinction? Can we influence the market? Should we stop eating fish? Is there a future for small-scale fishers?


Just when we think land is in sight, we find ourselves out in the open sea again, unsure how to proceed, buffeted by contradictory advice, apocalyptic scenarios and a confusion of expert opinions, no longer sure what matters and what doesn't, what’s allowable or even safe to eat.


But if we stubbornly make the effort to investigate the subject, we can see strong currents of thought starting to form. 


Slow Food has been working in the field of sustainable fish for many years, raising awareness among seafood-lovers through the biennial Slow Fish fair in Genoa and developing projects to support responsible artisanal fishing communities. Our network’s members organize local initiatives all around the world.


This website reflects Slow Food’s journey and offers pathways through this complex topic for anyone who wants to learn how to use common sense, curiosity and appetite to make choices that are conscious, delicious and responsible. 


Fishing Heroes

Katherine and Phil McAdams
Katherine and Phil McAdams
Australia | Victoria
Last year, the Victorian State Government passed legislation banning all commercial netting in Melbourne's Port Phillip...

Aaltsje Stellema
Aaltsje Stellema
Netherlands | Frisia
Aaltsje -‘little eel' in Frysian language- Stellema is a young woman professional inland fisher in The Netherlands. "I...

Kerry and Mark Marhefka
Kerry and Mark Marhefka
United States | South Carolina
"My name is Kerry Marhefka. Along with my husband Mark we own Abundant Seafood in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina just a...


Focus on

Help save our BC fishing communities!
Help save our BC fishing communities!

Slow Food stands with BC fishing communities as they fight for their sovereignty and livelihoods


Slow Fish in Action

Slow Food in Action
Mangrove Guardians
“It’s a disaster. They destroyed an entire ecosystem that is fundamental to the survival of the...
Vanishing Foodways
Louisiana and Vietnam, two regions on opposite sides of the world that share much in common.   Both...
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