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Climate change is one of the toughest challenges currently facing Europe and the rest of the world.

It is causing and, if we fail to tackle it, will continue to cause

  • huge damage to the planet’s economies;
  • danger to public health;
  • increased poverty;
  • the escalation of conflicts over access to natural resources, especially water;
  • environmental migration.

One of the root causes of climate change is the food system itself, with agriculture and food production, transport and marketing consuming more fossil energy than any other industrial sector.

The greenhouse effect and pollution are exacerbated by the industrial agrifood system, with intensive livestock breeding releasing huge quantities of pollutants into the atmosphere.

All these factors make a devastating contribution to climate change.

Slow Food believes that one way to fight and prevent climate change is to move away from the industrial agrifood system and adopt sustainable agricultural practices.

The type of agriculture Slow Food advocates would

  • depend less on fossil fuels;
  • adopt techniques designed to retain humidity and carbon dioxide in the soil;
  • prevent soil erosion;
  • slow down desertification;
  • manage water resources more efficiently.

In so doing it would render a vital service in the fight against climate change.

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Position Paper

On the Climate Change and the Food System





To the representatives of nations and international institutions meeting in Paris (COP 21)










to the Representatives of Nations
and International Institutions Meeting in Marrakech (COP 22)