27.000 March for Agricultural Reforms and Good Food

Berlin, 18.1.20. 27.000 protesters of the Wir haben es satt!-movement (We are fed up!) – a broad platform of farmers and food, environment, and one-world activists – today demanded sweeping EU agricultural reforms to protect biodiversity and the climate and to support farms in this transition.

“Wir Haben Es Satt!” Demonstration in Berlin to Bring Thousands of Voices Against Climate Change and Industrial Farming

This weekend, Slow Food joins tens of thousands gathering in Berlin for the annual “Wir Haben Es Satt! (We are Fed Up) demonstration, which will call on decision-makers to take immediate and consistent actions to protect biodiversity and stop the climate crisis. Protesters from all over Germany and beyond will use the opportunity to voice their discontent with the current industrial agricultural system, demanding healthy food, family farms, organic and agro-ecological agriculture, and fair trade. 

35,000 Activists and Farmers Chant: “We Have Had Enough!” at Annual Demonstration in Berlin

On January 19, at the foot of Berlin’s Brandenburg gate, 35,000 activists and citizens of all ages gathered to send a loud and clear message to policy makers: Wir Haben es Satt! “ We have had enough!”. Its 9th installment took place on the week of the Berlin Agriculture Ministers‘ Conference and Berlin’s International Green Week,  which attracted many European stakeholders and decision-makers to the capital of Germany.