TTIP and CETA Trade Agreements: Where We’re at

The EU has been debating with the US and Canada on two major trade agreements: TTIP and CETA respectively. Both agreements have been loudly contested by Slow Food and civil society at large, as they grant special rights to corporations whilst threatening democracy, the environment and social standards. So, how far are we now in the negotiations?

European Commission crosses Parliament’s red lines on TTIP

Today, over 65 public interest organisations and a coalition of farmers’ organisations delivered a letter to European Parliament President Martin Schulz warning that the European Commission continues to ignore critical aspects of the 2015 Parliamentary Resolution that called for reforming the EU-US trade agreement (TTIP).

TTIP, an undemocratic debate

While lifting customs duties and tariffs may make sense for manufacturing and services, when it comes to food we need to tread very carefully, because we’re dealing with different quality standards, protection of local products, food safety criteria and production methods.

TTIP leaks

Thanks to Greenpeace Netherlands’ leaking of some of the TTIP negotiation documents, European citizens now have the chance to compare the positions of the EU and the USA for the first time.

TTIP free zones Europe

Over 1,500 local authorities in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Germany took motions declaring themselves as TTIP/ CETA/ TiSA-free zones.