Slow Food Europe Events during the European Week of Regions and Cities

Slow Food Europe will take part in the European Week of Regions and Cities, which will take place in Brussels, Belgium. On October 9, a dialogue-oriented, transnational workshop will be organized to present experiences and policy recommendations of a three-year-long project “SlowFood-CE: Culture, Heritage, Identity and Food”, while in the evening various stakeholders will be invited to a roundtable discussion to talk about short food supply chains.

In June 2018, the Slow Food-CE project celebrated the completion of its first year

In June, the Slow Food-CE project celebrated the completion of its first year. A year that set the agenda for the project, defined and organized the participants, and unearthed a clear path towards 2020. The Slow Food-CE project is a joint initiative aimed at promoting and protecting the gastronomic heritage of Central Europe, a region undergoing huge changes, with many traditions at risk. 5 cities, across 5 different countries, were chosen and grouped together, each city tasked with developing a program of mapping and safeguarding of gastronomic resources, through field work and research. Each city focused on a project tailored to it, and its vision for the future. Each city to become a beacon within the region, of gastronomic tradition, and a model for other cities to follow.

SlowFood-CE: Transnational Training for Slow Food’s New Gastronomy Project Held in Krakow

A new gastronomy: This was the central theme of three days of training held in Krakow at the start of February as part of the SlowFood-CE: Culture, Heritage, Identity and Food project, funded by the European Union. 25 participants—local Slow Food representatives and public officials from the five Central European countries of Italy, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland—gathered in Krakow in early February to discuss biodiversity, culture and traditions, with a special focus on the relationships between cities and rural areas.