ECI “Eat ORIGINal. Unmask Your Food” Reflects the Concerns Shared by Thousands of Europeans

There is a growing trend in some countries of the European Union, such as Italy, Greece, France, or Lithuania, to have more accurate food labeling. While Italy has recently imposed mandatory labeling on pasta and rice packaging, asking to indicate the origin of wheat and rice’s place of cultivation, in the majority of EU countries, origin information is largely absent from labeling for milk, dairy products, unprocessed food, and single-ingredient products such as flour or sugar. The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Eat Original. Unmask Your Food”, which Slow Food Europe supports, calls on the European Commission to impose mandatory declarations of origin for all food products to prevent frauds, protect public health and guarantee consumers’ right to information. The ECI was launched last autumn by the Italian farmers union Coldiretti.

Not on the Label

Farmers want it. Consumers are asking for it. But it seems as though Brussels is ignoring their pleas. What are we talking about? It’s a story we’ve told many times, but which still has no happy ending: the story of local food. What exactly is going on?

Powdered Milk in Cheese: All Lined Up Against Europe

The European Union has demanded that by September 29, Italy must repeal its law banning the use of powdered milk in cheesemaking. Slow Food has responded to this meddling—the only way to define the EU’s position—by launching a petition, which in a short span of time has already collected 150,000 signatures.


460 votes to 204 with 33 abstentions. With a large majority the European Parliament approved this morning the resolution on the Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) for meat used as ingredient in processed foods.