Glyphosate: Slow Food asks EU Member States to take a stand against the European Commission 10-year renewal proposal

On 20 July 2017 the Commission restarted discussions with Member States on the possible renewal of license to use glyphosate for another 10 years.
The Commission will look for the support of a qualified majority of Member States, and EU governments will be invited to vote on this proposal after the summer. Based on the outcome, the Commission will take a final decision before the end of the year, when the current EU glyphosate license expires.

Keeping the “ecological” in Ecological Focus Areas

Today, the European Parliament has decided to keep the ecological focus areas (EFAs) “ecological”. MEPs were called to vote on a resolution proposed by the AGRI Committee of the European Parliament against the ban of pesticides use in the EFAs.

EU to limit use of glyphosate

Following the technical extension of the licence for glyphosate, this week Member states backed a proposal by the European Commission to put limits on its use.

Glyphosate: the ball is in the Commission’s court

Whereas the Brexit vote is consuming media attention, an important vote on glyphosate took place today, a decision that should not go unnoticed.
The EU Appeal Committee – which is composed of representatives from the Member States and chaired by the Commission – voted today, June 24, on the Commission’s proposal to extend authorization of glyphosate for another 12-18 months.