Let’s Save the Soil!

Slow Food and Legambiente, along with over 300 organizations united in the “People 4 Soil” network, launch a petition in defense of the soil at Terra Madre.

Thinking out of the box

Something is clearly broken in the European food system. Between 2003 and 2013, one out of every 4 farms disappeared in the EU, for a total of over 4 million holdings gone.

SFYN: from agricultural to food policy

On Thursday 21 April, Joris Lohman of the Slow Food Youth Network intervened at the conference “From agricultural to food policy – Towards healthy and sustainable production and consumption”.

Not on the Label

Farmers want it. Consumers are asking for it. But it seems as though Brussels is ignoring their pleas. What are we talking about? It’s a story we’ve told many times, but which still has no happy ending: the story of local food. What exactly is going on?

Let’s Not Eat Up Our Planet! Fight Climate Change

In a few days, governments from around the world will be meeting in Paris to talk about climate change. After more than 20 years of failed debate, mediation and forums, the Paris conference (COP21) will attempt to broker a binding, universal agreement for the first time.