ECI “Eat ORIGINal. Unmask Your Food” Reflects the Concerns Shared by Thousands of Europeans

There is a growing trend in some countries of the European Union, such as Italy, Greece, France, or Lithuania, to have more accurate food labeling. While Italy has recently imposed mandatory labeling on pasta and rice packaging, asking to indicate the origin of wheat and rice’s place of cultivation, in the majority of EU countries, origin information is largely absent from labeling for milk, dairy products, unprocessed food, and single-ingredient products such as flour or sugar. The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Eat Original. Unmask Your Food”, which Slow Food Europe supports, calls on the European Commission to impose mandatory declarations of origin for all food products to prevent frauds, protect public health and guarantee consumers’ right to information. The ECI was launched last autumn by the Italian farmers union Coldiretti.

Strong EU Vote Turnout Changed the Balance of Power in the New Parliament

The European Elections showed the highest voters’ turnout in 20 years, giving the European Union hope that people still believe in its future. However, the big center-right and center-left blocs in the European Parliament have lost their combined majority. Now, they will have to form a coalition with other political groups, which will likely include the Greens, which bagged record gains in the elections.

Why Vote in the European Elections? Slow Food Europe Answers on Twitter (Week 4)

It is the last day of the European Elections. While a few countries of the European Union have organized the vote between Thursday and Saturday, the majority of Member States will elect their representatives to the European Parliament today. Slow Food Europe calls everyone to vote for the candidates who respect European values and care about the future of European agriculture, food, and the environment.

The European Elections: Will the New Parliament Safeguard the Interests of Citizens, Farmers, and the Environment?

Millions of people across the European Union are set to cast their vote over the coming days in the European elections, which started on Thursday and will run until Sunday. The elections will conclude an electoral campaign, during which many important EU’s policies have been rarely touched upon, thereby overlooking the far-reaching effect they will have on Europe over the next five-year period.

Go Vote! Young Europeans Want a Brighter Future for Food

Whether you like it or not, food is political. Particularly in Europe, food policies have a huge impact on what ends up on our plates. This month the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) Europe is letting everybody know just how important it is to vote in the upcoming European elections!

Slow Food Europe Among Organizations Calling for an EU Commission Vice-President for Food

On May 8, Slow Food Europe joined forces with over 30 civil society organizations and think tanks to call on the next European Commission President to put an EU food policy in place. In an open letter to the lead candidates for the presidency, the organizations – representing the sectors of farming, fisheries, environment, animal welfare, health, consumers, development, social justice, climate, and forestry- also called for a European Commission Vice-President to be made responsible for ensuring the transition to sustainable food systems.