EU Commission 2015 Menu

Following the presentation of the European Commission’s work programme for 2015, Slow Food has expressed concerns about the fact the Circular Economy package is among the bills facing the axe, despite a declared intention to replace it by a new, more ambitious proposal by end of 2015.

A Groundbreaking Report on Ocean Grabbing

The new report, Global Ocean Grab, was published by theTransnational Institute, Masifundise and Afrika Kontakt together with WFFP (the World Forum of Fisher People). It tells the hidden story of fisheries and fishers.

UN recognition for Carlo Petrini


On July 7, during the UN Leadership Forum that took place in Turin, Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini received recognition for his work around the world.

Slow Food Italy Comments on the Start of Italy’s Six-Month European Presidency


“Italy’s presidency of the European Union will undoubtedly be a unique occasion for our country to set the pace on important issues, firstly the regulations on seeds and GMOs, but also animal welfare and the right to food,” said Gaetano Pascale, the president of Slow Food Italy. “That’s why we are sending our best wishes to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his team. We hope Italy will leave its mark on the future of Europe, bringing important reforms for the economy and policies on agriculture, energy and immigration. We also hope to see the creation of a Common Agricultural Policy that takes a holistic approach to the food system, contributing to the fight against waste, the protection of biodiversity and greater support for the role of local producers and consumers. Renzi said that he hopes Europe will find its soul. We at Slow Food are ready to work hard every day to help that happen.”