The consequences of climate change for EU agriculture

Kaley Hart and Ben Allen of the Institute for European Environmental Policy presented their report, ‘The consequences of climate change for EU agriculture: follow-up to the COP21 UN Paris Climate Change Conference’, requested by the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, to the European Parliament on Tuesday.

Let’s Not Eat Up Our Planet! Fight Climate Change

What has the climate got to do with soil cultivation of the land and the food we eat every day? Let’s start to answer the question with a few figures. On a world scale, agriculture and livestock are the major users of fresh water, consuming 70% of available resources, and nitrogen-based fertilizers account for 38% of agrifood emissions.

Finally Agriculture and Food at the COP21 in Paris

Italy’s Environment Minister signs Slow Food’s appeal, Let’s Not Eat Up Our Planet! Fight Climate Change.
Agriculture and the relationship between food and climate, two themes previously relegated to the margins of the discussion on climate change, will be represented at COP21 in Paris by the Italian Minister for the Environment, Gian Luca Galletti.