European NGOs: the Farm to Fork Strategy Cannot Overlook the Overproduction and Overconsumption of Industrial Animal Products

In a joint letter to the European Commission, Slow Food Europe, along with other 20+ civil society organizations, calls for less meat, dairy, and eggs in the Farm to Fork Strategy. The strategy has neither addressed the inherent unsustainability of current animal farming in Europe nor included clear consumption reduction strategies to tackle the public health emergency.    

A Historic Day for Farm Animals: End the Cage Age ECI Closes with over 1.5 Million Signatures

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “End the Cage Age” was closed last night, celebrating over 1.5 million signatures gained during a 12-month period. The initiative which aims to end the use of cages for farm animals across Europe marks one of the most significant days for animal farming and demonstrates the importance of citizens’ voice to the EU decision-making process. Slow Food Europe has been among 170 environmental, consumer rights and animal protection groups, which joined forces for a collaborative effort to make a much-needed change in animal farming.

One Million EU Citizens Make History for Farm Animals

As of today, one million EU citizens have signed the End the Cage Age European Citizens Initiative (ECI); the biggest ever political push for farm animal welfare. Slow Food joined forces with over 170 other animal welfare and environmental organizations across the EU to launch the #EndTheCageAge ECI, which aims to end the use of cages for farm animals across the continent. Today marks the collection of one million signatures—a first in the history of farm animal welfare.

European Citizens’ Initiative “End the Cage Age” at Halfway Point with 500,000 Signatures Collected in the Biggest Political Push for Animal Welfare

500,000 citizens of the European Union have signed the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) “End the Cage Age” launched in September last year. This marks the halfway point in the campaign. Slow Food is among 140 organizations strongly involved in supporting the ECI, which aims to end the use of cages for farm animals across the continent.

Slow Food Joins the European Citizens’ Initiative to End the Use of Cages

Civil society organizations have approached the opportunity to discuss the importance of farm animal welfare just before the launch of the new European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), which calls the European Commission to propose legislation to ban the use of cages in animal farming. Slow Food believes animals pay a harsh price in the current systemandjoins the initiative, which was launched on 25 September by Compassion in World Farming.

No more caged rabbits. So what now?

No more rabbits in cages! A day to remember! A success!
These are just a few of the first reactions to the vote to improve the conditions of farmed rabbits at a plenary session of the European Parliament a few days ago.