Stop Glyphosate: The European Commission Must Respect The Citizens’ Wishes

On July 3, the Stop Glyphosate coalition officially presented the results of the “Stop Glyphosate” European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to 28 European national authorities, with 1,320,517 signatures collected. At the start of August, the first official certifications of the ECI began arriving: Luxembourg and Spain have already officially declared that the total number of verified signatures is over the set national threshold. A quorum is expected to be easily reached by the other member states as well. 

Meanwhile, towards the end of July, the European Commission reopened the debate with the member countries on the possibility of renewing the authorization for the use of glyphosate for another 10 years, but the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, has made it known that the European Commission does not intend to renew the licence without the support of a qualified majority of member states.

Slow Food, alongside the Stop Glyphosate coalition, is therefore again asking EU countries to vote against the renewal of the license to use glyphosate. It is essential to do everything we can to ensure the European Commission does not obtain a qualified majority and that it reflects the wishes expressed by the citizens of Europe.

The next discussion on the subject is set for October 5 and 6, while the voting date has not yet been decided. Until then, Slow Food and the Stop Glyphosate coalition will be working to publicize and support the wishes of European citizens to stop this toxic pesticide from being used in our agricultural system. The protection of our health and environment cannot be subordinated to the interests of the multinationals in the agriculture industry.




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