Slow Food launches a survey on support measures for small- and medium-scale food production in Europe

Last week Slow Food officially launched an online survey directed at thousands of small-scale producers from its network and from partner associations in seven European countries. In order to have a sufficient geographical representation, the questionnaire has been sent to producers in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Romania. 

In the view of the forthcoming reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the survey aims not only to collect the opinions of farmers producing good, clean and fair food on how the existing measures affect their work, but also to report what they actually need in order to improve their working conditions. The survey investigates the critical problems that hamper their activity, including those outside the CAP’s scope. These include, for example, hygiene regulations, which, though obviously necessary, are complicated and often hard for small producers to comply with. We are working with a partner company specialized in surveys to elaborate the data collected.

The survey is part of a series of activities Slow Food is carrying out to push for more inclusive and efficient food policies able to deliver sustainable food systems in Europe.

Back in March 2017, Slow Food, along with over 150 other civil society organizations, provided some initial ideas about the CAP’s future in the joint statement Good Food, Good Farming – Now. With the aim of continuing this participatory process with European institutions, Slow Food has responded to the Commission’s consultation on CAP modernization and simplification, highlighting the key points for CAP reform, which is planned for 2020. Indeed, Slow Food has clearly demanded for a shift away from a Common Agricultural Policy and towards a Common Food Policy, so that the food system in its entirety is taken into account. Read the full response here.

Within this framework, the Slow Food survey is meant to be a tool to amplify the voices of small- and medium-scale producers as heard by the European institutions, making them more aware of the urgent needs of those committed to promoting a more sustainable food system, who, rather than being recognized and supported, are often neglected.

The first results of the survey will be presented at the From the CAP to Hygiene Rules: Needs of Small-scale Producers in the EU conference, that will take place during the Slow Food International event CHEESE (15-18 September in Bra). A final report will be made available by the end of this year.


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