MEPs move to reduce permitted sugar content in baby foods

Draft EU rules that would allow baby foods to continue to contain up to three times more sugar than is recommended by the World Health Organisation were vetoed by the European Parliament on Wednesday, as they fail to protect infants and young children against obesity, say MEPs. Instead, they advocate IMG_9006okreducing the EU sugar content limit to match the WHO recommendations.

MEPs consider that the Commission’s proposal is “contrary to all health advice from the WHO and from scientific committees in Member States who have recommended significant reductions in total sugar intake”.

Given that “Poor diet is now by far the biggest underlying cause of disease and death globally – bigger than tobacco, alcohol and physical inactivity combined” (…),  “the allowed maximum sugar level should be substantially lowered in line with WHO recommendations” say MEPs.

MEPs say that the labelling and marketing of processed baby foods should make it clear that these products are not appropriate for infants of less than 6 months of age, and should not undermine the 6-month exclusive breastfeeding recommendation.


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