Italy will vote against the introduction of new GMOs in Europe

When the European governments united in the Appeals Committee are asked to decide on the authorization of two new varieties of GM maize, Pioneer 1507 and Syngenta Bt11, and the renewal of another GMO, MON 810, Italy will vote unanimously against the measure. Gaetano Pascale, President of Slow Food Italia: “Finally, a clear and coherent message that we have asked for loudly, and which we were waiting for. The agreement between the Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin, the Agricultural Policy Minister Maurizio Martina and Environment Minister Gian Luca Galletti reinforces Italy’s policy and confirms the commitment of our country to defend biodiversity and support small-scale agriculture.”


The Appeal Committee was called into action after the representatives of EU Member States in the Standing Committee on Plants, Animals, Food and Feed failed to reach an absolute majority on a previous vote January 27th, where some countries that have banned GMOs in their territory—Italy, Lithuania and the Netherlands—voted in favor of authorizing the use of these GMOs at the European level. “It’s dangerous to rely on each member state banning the cultivation of GMOs individually. A vote in favor of authorizing new GMOs at the Europe-wide level would have opened the door to a growing number of such requests. Millions of citizens have made their feelings known: Italy, and indeed all of Europe, will not be conquered by the giant multinationals who would suffocate the food system in the name of profit.”


Click here to read Slow Food’s position paper on GMOs.

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