GMO: The European Parliament asks to ban imports of corn and cotton

Yesterday, in a non-binding resolution (adopted with 435 votes for, 216 against and 34 abstentions), the European Parliament objected to EU Commission plans to authorize imports of products made from genetically modified maize and cotton which are herbicide-resistant.

Once again, MEPs expressed concerns over harmful herbicide residues, as raised by independent research and member states, and repeated Parliament’s call for an overhaul of the EU’s GMO authorization procedure. Member States also criticized the authorization procedure during the three-month consultation period before approval, referring to missing or insufficient data, contradictory statements and poor test design.

In a separate resolution, adopted with 425 for, 230 against and 27 abstentions, MEPs said that imports of products from genetically modified cotton GHB119 should not be authorized, as this would encourage the use of glufosinate ammonium-based herbicides (to which GHB119 is resistant) across the world, a substance classified as toxic for reproduction.


Click here to read the Slow Food position paper on GMOs.



Another EU law that would enable any EU member state to restrict or prohibit the sale and use of EU-approved GMO food or feed on its territory was opposed by Parliament in October 2015. MEPs are concerned that this law might prove unworkable or that it could lead to the reintroduction of border checks between pro- and anti-GMO countries. They called on the Commission to table a new proposal.




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