Finally Agriculture and Food at the COP21 in Paris

Italy’s Environment Minister signs Slow Food’s appeal, Let’s Not Eat Up Our Planet! Fight Climate Change.

Agriculture and the relationship between food and climate, two themes previously relegated to the margins of the discussion on climate change, will be represented at COP21 in Paris by the Italian Minister for the Environment, Gian Luca Galletti.

The leader of the Italian delegation to the XXI UN climate change conference has signed Slow Food’s appeal, Let’s Not Eat Up Our Planet! Fight Climate Change, tweeting this morning:

#cibo e #agricoltura per combattere il #climatechange nell’appello di #slowfood che porterò alla #COP21 di Parigi

(#food and #agriculture to fight #climatechange in the #slowfood appeal, which I will bring to #COP21 in Paris)

The international Slow Food association says that the documents compiled in preparation for the Paris conference prioritize topics like energy, industry and transport. But depending on the type of system, agriculture, livestock farming and food production can represent both one of the main causes of climate change or one of the possible solutions.

“Only through a radical paradigm shift to the current system of food production, processing, distribution and consumption will we manage to mitigate climate change,” said Gaetano Pascale, the president of Slow Food Italy. “We thank the Minister for supporting our appeal and particularly for the commitment to bring our themes, so important to the future of the planet, to the discussion table in Paris. But to bring about a revolution, we cannot rely solely on the power of institutions to change the system. It must start with us and our everyday choices. Choosing food and avoiding waste, for example, but also by signing the Let’s Not Eat Up Our Planet! Fight Climate Change appeal and by doing so making sure our voice reaches Paris even more strongly.”

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