Over the last few years, the unity of Europeans and the strength of our values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and human rights have been put through many tests. On May 23-26, millions of Europeans will head to polling booths to cast their vote in the European Parliament elections which will set the tone for the future of Europe.

The future members of the European Parliament will play a crucial role in defining the composition and the agenda of the next European Commission. Together with the Council of the European Union (where representatives of our governments meet), the European Parliament and European Commission will define EU policies for the next 5 years.

As Slow Food Europe, we believe that good, clean and fair food is a right of all. The production, distribution, and consumption of food cannot conflict with the right to enjoy a healthy environment and its fruits for generations to come. However, current trends show that the agricultural and food system in Europe is far from ideal: Current trends show that Europe food systems are far from ideal: in 2016, 9.1% of the EU population was unable to afford a quality meal every second day (Eurostat 2017); between 2003 and 2013, more than a quarter of European farms disappeared (Eurostat 2015); 20% of the food produced in the EU is lost or wasted each year (EC).

We cannot just blame decision-makers: we elect them. That is why Slow Food Europe has joined the Europe-wide This Time I’m Voting campaign, which unites dozens of European non-governmental organizations, calling upon EU citizens to vote. Have your say! Vote for the candidates who respect European values and care about the future of European agriculture and food. Together, we can shape the Europe that we want.

Read Slow Food Europe’s Manifesto for the European Elections 2019

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