Ecological Focus Areas at Risk

On May 30th, the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament (COMAGRI) delivered two unexpected blows. First, it voted in favour of the resolution against the ban of pesticides in ecological focus areas (EFAs), going beyond the very purpose of the EFAs, which are areas dedicated to ecologically beneficial elements. The use of pesticides does not fall within this definition.

The committee also voted in favour of allowing for an increased use of processed animal manure as a fertilizer, even though the excess spreading of manure is highly polluting, running off fields and contaminating rivers, waterways, and the air.

The Committee has missed an opportunity to deliver a strong message to the citizens, who are asking for a healthier and safer environment. With this vote, they have demonstrated that they are not protecting the interests of the European population, thus also undermining the credibility of CAP greening measures. Where has the “green” part gone? In June, there will be an all-Parliament vote. We hope that the plenary of the European Parliament will reject these votes, putting the interest of citizens and the environment first.


Click here to read the Slow Food response to the consultation process launched by the DG for Agriculture on the CAP legislative framework.

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