CETA: appeal to the European Court of Justice rejected. Worrying obstacles to democratic process.

The European Parliament has rejected a proposal to refer the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), with regards to the treaty’s compatibility with other pre-existing treaties.



With just 258 votes in favor of the referral and 419 against it, a clear majority of Members of the European Parliament have declared unnecessary and undesirable the proposal brought before the parliament by a group of 84 MEPs last week.

If the proposal had been approved, the ECJ would have been able to express its authoritative opinion on CETA, and whether or not the treaty might conflict with EU law. The parliamentary debate has been hindered, a clear attempt to avoid moments of confrontation in which the ratification of CETA could come under discussion.

These are all negative signs, and we invite all citizens of the European Union to contact their MEP and urge them to vote against CETA, the ratification of which is planned for December 14, through the initiative “CETA Check”.


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