A Call to Action This Saturday: #NoCETA21J

The European Day of Action against CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) is coming up this Saturday, January 21. Everyone is invited to use the hashtag #NoCETA21J, in order to make the diverse actions more visible to all participants. ceta-check-2

CETA, a free trade agreement between Canada and the European Union, would eliminate almost all trade tariffs between the two parties. The potential agreement has been criticized by civil society, organizations and NGOs since the deal would place the gain of corporations above all else, rather than taking into account the necessary preventive measures for the environment and human health.

The agreement between Canada and the European Union would also put pressure on farmers with intense control of seeds and on small producers who wouldn’t be able to cope with new production standards, fortifying only the interest of corporations within CETA. In addition, the current precautionary principle, a part of the European food safety measures that safeguards consumer health and potential risks of food products, is under threat as it is regarded as a “trade barrier” by both parties.

The concerns of the “Stop CETA” movement were not addressed in October 2016, when CETA was signed. The movement is still demanding a more transparent and inclusive trade policy in favor of the planet, calling on all of us to use the limited time we have before the European Parliament votes on February 2:

“To make this message heard before European Parliament vote, we call on organizations, individuals and alliances to participate by organizing autonomous, decentralized actions across Europe on January 21. We welcome a diversity of actions and solidarity from across the world that will help inform, engage and mobilize people locally.”

As a grassroots organization in support of democratic policies that prioritize the planet and the people, Slow Food is in solidarity with the Stop CETA movement.


Source: stopceta.net

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