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Tushuri Guda: Better Times Ahead for One of Georgias Oldest, Most Abused Cheeses?

Small-scale cheesemakers in Georgia have had a hard time competing with big dairy. But one special cheese is managing to fight back. Produced in the remote mountainous region of Tusheti, Tushuri guda takes its name from the sheepskin sack in which the raw-milk cheese is traditionally ripened. The skin is turned inside...



In the UK the solution to the crisis is mega-dairies

They call them confinement units or CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations) and they can house up to 36,000 cattle indoors all year round. Despite protests, they are now growing "by stealth." So what's the situation in Italy? We spoke about this subject a few months ago at Cheese, comparing what's happening in...



New World Dairy: Raw-Milk Cheeses from Argentina and Brazil

To see a producer at work and then, at the end of the conference, to be able to taste their freshly made cheese is a rare experience. But that's what occurred at Cheese on Saturday September 19 during the Milk Workshop "Cheeses from the Americas: Raw Milk Productions in Argentina and Brazil".v   Francesca Rocchi, the...



Goodbye Sheep?

Until 25 years ago, it was said there were 20 sheep for every New Zealander. Now, however, they have make do with just seven each. A drastic decline, in the country that farms the most sheep in the world. The figures are alarming everywhere, from Abruzzo-where for centuries vast migrating flocks were once generators...



Cheese Is Made From Milk!

Slow Food launches a petition to say NO to milk powder   "Cheese is made from milk! Sign by the end of July to say NO to the use of milk powder" is the petition launched by Slow Food on (direct link to the petition) in support of Italian law 138 of April 11, 1974, which bans the use of milk powder,...



Dairy Production Between the Tatra and the Baltic Sea

Poland and the production of raw milk cheeses. What are the opportunities and problems?   When you think about Poland and cheese, if anything at all comes to mind, there are most likely two associations. On the one hand, there is the famous Polish curd or cottage cheese - twaróg, which you can find in a broad spectrum...



Slow Food on Powdered Milk in Cheese: Italian Ban Must Be Kept, and Extended to Other EU Countries

The European Commission has sent an official letter to Italy asking for it to abolish the national law banning the use of "milk powder, condensed milk and reconstituted milk" in the manufacture of dairy products. According to Brussels, Italy must conform to the European regulations that allow these ingredients, and...



Bitto's Victory

The producers of Lombardy’s historic Slow Food Presidium cheese have won their 20-year battle to protect an extraordinary product...   They say that the people of the mountains are stubborn, and the story of the Bitto rebels certainly bears this out. The final chapter in the story came yesterday with the signing of...



Cheese Comes to Belgium!

Belgium's first Salon du Fromage, celebrating the country's raw-milk cheeses and dairy products, was held in Ciney at the end of May...   The first of its kind in Belgium, the Salon du Fromage et des Produits Laitiers, a fair for cheese and dairy products, was organized by the Ciney Provincial School of Agronomy and...



Slow Food Discusses Animal Welfare with the European Commission in Brussels

Piero Sardo, President of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, is travelling to Brussels to talk at the conference on the "Main achievements of the EU strategy for the welfare of animals 2012-2015" to be held at the Charlemagne Building of the European Commission on February 12 from 9:30 am to 1 pm. The...



Not Just Cheese

Wool is not merely an inconvenient waste that is hard to dispose of. This is the story of the Ligurian pastors of Brigasca sheep toma, a Slow Food Presidium, and their carpets.   Strength is in union, as is well known, and often it can produce original ideas that can bring back traditions that have been left in the ...



A delightful discovery

"It all started some years ago in Naples, Italy, with a plate of mozzarella." For Alison Tuling, a metallurgical engineer and researcher at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, tasting fresh cheese is a incredible experience. On her return to South Africa, Allison was determined to be able to continue savoring...



Traditions Hidden in Secrecy

The problems facing Brazil's raw-milk cheeses   Upon hearing that Brazil has its very own cheese-making tradition, plenty of European (and even Brazilian) connoisseurs turn up their noses suspiciously. And yet the art of cheesemaking has been passed down for generations in this tropical country, better known for...



A Long Walk for Almnäs Bruks Cheeses

One of Sweden's largest organic farms, Almnäs Bruk lies just south of a small town called Hjo in the county of Västra Götaland. Its farmers grow grass, wheat, barley and the ancient grain spelt, which originated in Asia some 8,000 years ago. Five years ago, the farm also opened a workshop for processing its organic...



What Cheese Will You Save?

The next edition of Cheese - Slow Food's biennial festival celebrating artisanal cheese from around the world - is set to be an important moment; for the movement, for food biodiversity and for endangered dairy products.   Taking place from September 20 - 23 in Bra, Italy, the international event reflects the...


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