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Slow Food campaigns start with education, bringing important food issues to people from all walks of life in an enjoyable and proactive way. 
Our members are promoting raw milk with different audiences, cultures and contexts all around the world, united by a focus on direct experience - starting with a taste and that leads us to the worlds of shepherds, cheesemakers and affineurs. We believe that motivation to change personal food choices comes from experiences that not only inform but inspire through taste and emotion. This is particularly the case when it comes to raw milk, often painted in a controversial light. People need opportunities to try and to learn more.
Our education projects differ from most food education as they are based on the idea that food means pleasure, culture and conviviality.


Click here to read the Slow Food Education Manifesto.


Concerning cheese and raw-milk cheese, Slow Food teaches all ages about milk, diversity and production: young children at school, during events and through visits to producers; adults through events, evening courses and workshops; and professionals during conferences, workshops and at the University of Gastronomic Sciences.


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