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Education at Cheese

For children and adults

Past editions of Cheese have always included a program of food and taste education workshops for school groups.

For two editions, the Cheese Circus took a playful and engaging approach to learning about the cheese production chain, from pastures and animals to cheesemaking and consumption.

The schoolchildren became cheesemakers for the day, mixing raw milk and rennet to make small fresh cheeses, and went on an imaginary journey through the places of cheese, traveling around Italy to discover native breeds, learn about different cheesemaking techniques and taste cheeses from specific geographic areas. .


For Cheese 2011, Slow Food has organized the following educational activities:


• The Taste Detectives: young investigators on the tracks of cheese, honey and bread.


• The Master of Food Quiz: for anyone who wants to test their knowledge about food.


• The Master of Food on mozzarella: two lessons aimed at adults, uncovering all the secrets of the world's favorite cheese, including tastings and mozzarella-making demonstrations.


Taste experiences for school groups, designed and organized together with schools in Bra and Pollenzo, run by students following the peer education model. Instead of passively receiving content, values and experiences from teachers, the young people become active participants in their own education, with full support provided by adult experts.


To find out more about education activities at Cheese, click here.


  Education at Cheese Education at Cheese  
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