Sustainable Networks for Agro-food Innovation Leading in the Mediterranean

The MedSNAIL project puts Slow Food values of good, clean and fair into practice by promoting traditional food while preserving biodiversity.

It provides local actors such as agro-food SMEs and public authorities with the training and support needed to raise awareness around the Slow Food principles and to define new pathways for their sustainable and durable development. 

  • The Context

    Mediterranean countries cultivate a rich variety of agro-food products, rooted in local culture and representative of traditional the Mediterranean diets. But they also share common issues and challenges in the agro-food sector, such as gradual loss of local biodiversity, rural poverty (mostly affecting women) and the limited investment capacity of rural entrepreneurs—not to mention a lack of training on socio-environmental sustainability, business planning and marketing strategies. 

    The project intends to tackle these issues by fostering the valorization and development of small-scale traditional agro-food value chains, combining the enhancement of market potentialities with socio-environmental sustainability. 

  • Main Goals

    The project has set itself following objectives:

    • Foster the sustainable development of agro-food SMEs by valorising traditional Euro-Mediterranean products through a Slow approach and short-chain principles.
    • Implement sustainable pilot projects that enhance local food production and promote sustainable business models and marketing initiatives in the food value chain.
    • Focus on specific food products which follow the good, clean and fair principles of the Slow Food Presidia model.
    • Strive for at least half of the pilot projects to attain Slow Food certification as Presidia, enhancing their market presence and recognition.
    • Incentivize the establishment of farmers’ markets, including at least three Slow Food Earth Markets, to support marketing and promotional efforts.
    • Create narrative labels for six target products, adding value and authenticity to the offerings.
    • Form a Euro-Mediterranean Chef Alliance, fostering collaboration among culinary professionals in promoting and utilizing traditional products.
    • Integrate MedSNAIL target groups, especially MSMEs, into the Terra Madre network, facilitating networking and knowledge exchange.
    • Provide SMEs with consultancy services through Slow-hubs in each partner region, creating permanent networks and clusters of stakeholders for continued collaboration and engagement even after the project’s completion.
  • The Partnership

    The Partnership includes

    Andalusian Federation of Towns and Provinces (Spain)

    American University of Beirut (Lebanon)

    The Rural Women’s Development Society Economic, social and political Empowerment for rural women’s (RWDS) (Palestine)

    University of Sfax (Tunisia)

    Gozo Regional Committee (Malta)

    Women for Cultural Development (Namaa) (Jordan)

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