Chefs from the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance meet in Brussels to define the future of sustainable food systems in canteens and restaurants

21 Nov 2023 | English

Participants come from Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Germany and Belgium

Cooks from several European countries such as France, Greece, Germany, Spain, Italy and Belgium will meet in Brussels to share experiences, learn new methods of cooking and visit local realities from November 26 to 29. Chefs are members of the Slow Food Cooks Alliance , a broad network from all over the world joining forces to defend food biodiversity, educate consumers and advocate for a more sustainable food system. Slow Food wants to promote synergies between food professionals with diverse backgrounds and cooking styles, working to achieve a common goal: to launch a movement for sustainable kitchens, which means safeguarding territories, biodiversity, good products that need care, fighting waste, recovery, recycling , combating the climate crisis, and social solidarity. These cooks work together to raise awareness within the restaurant industry about the challenges small-scale farmers and food artisans who protect food biodiversity and care for fragile, marginal environments face every day. The project also disseminates knowledge among cooks and consumers.

By promoting this cooks exchange, different personalities will gather in Bruxelles for 4-days of events and workshops. The main topics under the spotlight will be fish transformation, breadmaking, food fermentation, food waste and the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, an open network that unites all the participants involved in the coffee value chain, from growers to consumers, who want to work collaboratively toward a good, clean and fair coffee for all. Furthermore, together with the Nourrir l’Avenir cooperative, participants will focus on the main challenges and opportunities for restaurants and canteens to reshape the food system and influence consumers’ food habits.

A collaborative dinner featuring 13 cooks from 6 different European countries will also be held on Nov 28th in Garage à Manger. In addition to the 6 course meals and drinks, participants will have the chance to learn more about Slow Food and the Cooks’ Alliance in Belgium.

Proceeds of this event will help support the initiatives of Slow Food in Belgium.


This 4 days exchange is financed by the European Union within the LIFE program

European/ Guest cooks:

Greece – Jotta Polychronidou, Thessalonikki

Germany – Katharina Bäcker, the Beet Root, Frankfurt

Spain – Vanesa Bustos, Valencia

Italy – Bartolo Calderone, Capperi, Bordeaux

France – Philippe Enee, Joey Enee & Françoise Auvray, Nourrir l’Avenir

Belgium – Georges Athanassopoulos, Màloma

Belgium – Rodolph De Geynst

Belgium – Damien Bouchery, Bouchery

Belgium – Grégoire Gillard, Barge

Belgium – Sophie & Marie Marconi, Chabrol

Belgium – Ugo Federico & Francesco Curie, Racines

Belgium – Benjamin Rauwel, Ivresse & Le Dillens

Belgium – Denis Delchampe, Le Tournant

Belgium – Diamantis Kalogerinis, La Buvette

Belgium – France Cardonnel & Sarah El Mountain, Mazette




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