How did Slow Food allocate the funds raised during Negroni Week?

Thanks to more than 12,000 participating venues during Negroni Week 2023, bars and restaurants across  79 countries raised a more than $611,000  to foster Slow Food’s mission.

Half of the funds raised during Negroni Week 2023 will be used to directly support global programs and initiatives led by Slow Food. Key programs supported from Negroni Week funds include the Slow Food Coffee Coalition, the Slow Food Wine Coalition, the Cooks’ Alliance, and education and biodiversity projects.

The other half of funds raised will fuel the Slow Food Negroni Week Fund.

How will the fund operate in 2024?

The total budget allocated for the Slow Food Negroni Week Fund in 2024 amounts to 297.659,30 USD$.

Funding will be allocated globally, with a focus on beverage and hospitality sectors, distributed in three categories  following this breakdown:

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