Slow Fish Advisory Board

Slow Fish identifies an event, a campaign and an international network made up of different voices: small-scale fishing communities, Presidia projects, chefs, researchers, activists, journalists… at the core of Slow Fish is the concept of water and its resources as common goods.

This implies the need to protect biodiversity through fair and sustainable management of these resources, a sense of collective responsibility and a strong focus on the impact of coastal and land-based activities on aquatic environments, recognizing these spaces as territories of life.

The development model we promote is based on the participation of all local actors, the link between land and water in all its forms, and a harmonious and responsible use of all available resources, in order to ensure the implementation of sustainable practices that respect the equilibrium of ecosystems. To review and define the Slow Food approach to these increasingly-complex issues, the Slow Fish Advisory Board has been founded to represent the diversity of skills, experiences and perspectives in the Slow Fish network, and to engage in an open and transparent dialog about the way forward.

The Advisory Board aims to provide guidance on issues related to the political direction of the campaign as well as to respond to more technical and regional issues related to biological, environmental, and economic aspects of fisheries.

  • The Slow Fish Advisory Board

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