Earth Markets

What is an Earth Market?

Earth Markets are made up of communities of producers and food artisans who gather to promote local products and introduce them to consumers. They are also meeting places—hubs where producers and other activists come to learn and teach about a more just and sustainable food system.

  • What We Do

    Open access to short supply chain products, local, seasonal, made with respect for the environment and workers’ rights.

    Create and support market opportunities for small-scale producers who are normally excluded from conventional commercial channels.

    Promote dialogues between producers and consumers.

    Create communal places for knowledge exchange and the transmission of know-how, for the education of taste and correct nutrition, as well as for the training of aware citizens.

  • What You Can Do

  • How To Set Up An Earth Market

    If there’s already an Earth Market in your area, you can apply to become part by completing this nomination. If not, here’s how to set one up yourself. 

    These are contained in the project’s International Guidelines and the Slow Food Exhibitor Selection Criteria.

    At the heart of every Earth Market there must be a Slow Food Community that involves all those who participate, from the producers who are part of it, to members of the Slow Food Convivium, cooks, representatives of institutions and other associations, and consumers. 

    To become a Slow Food Community requires that all Market members sign the founding declaration online, which can be created online by a spokesperson on the provided platform by registering at this link.

    The application is made trough the market application form, read thoroughly, complete it and send it to: [email protected]

    Download the market application form

    Exhibitors at the Market must fill in a brief information form. This can be done online or by downloading the form and sending it, completed, to [email protected]

    Download the exhibitor information collection form.

    Once the application has been verified as appropriate, Slow Food approves the market’s entry into the network, grants the use of the Earth Market brand and plans the official launch for communication.

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