Young Farmers From Around the World to Discuss Pressing Issues Facing the Food System in Milan

10 Sep 2015 | English

Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet, the international event on the future of food and farming being held in Milan in just 3 weeks time, focuses on the pressing issues the global food system is currently facing and on developing constructive ways to counteract these.

Topics ranging from ocean grabbing, indigenous food systems, seeds, sustainable fishing, access to land, women in agriculture, soil, a strategy for the commons, edible insects and much more will be at the center of the event program consisting of conferences, discussions, keynote presentations and workshops.

On October 3 at noon, Slow Food and the Slow Food Youth Network will give all 2,500 international participants an official welcome at Superstudio Più in the center of Milan. This will be followed by regional meetings that will allow the participants to connect with delegates from their area, and exchange and share thoughts and experiences on specific issues concerning their geographic area and the food system on a local and global level.
In the afternoon, Slow Food founder and president Carlo Petrini will give a speech to all participants. Petrini strongly believes that Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet will have a very positive effect on local economies, agriculture and the future of our global food system, stating: “Every two years in Turin we see with the international Terra Madre meeting how powerful the network is: We see people from all over the world embracing and exchanging thoughts. The meeting reassures the participants and values their work, which makes them go back to their homes filled with strength to keep fighting for the bigger cause of preserving traditional and environmentally friendly methods and heritage foods. Without a supportive network, the daily challenges that farmers and artisans have to face would be too tough to bear and resist in the long run. This year it is thus time to strengthen the international Slow Food Youth Network in what they are doing. We need to give the young people a voice so that they may carry on the profession and ancient knowledge of their forefathers and stand up for artisanal products. For our own sake and the future of this planet, it is our responsibility to support these young people in agriculture and food production, so that they do not give up their vision for good, clean and fair food for everyone and for a better world. They are the future of our food”.

The opening ceremony will officially kick-off the event and is open to the public. Carlo Petrini will give an opening speech. The ceremony will also include contributions from a few delegates, as well as a speech from Joris Lohman, chairman of the Slow Food Youth Network. Location: Mercato Metropolitano.

After the opening ceremony, the most international Disco Soup ever created will take place. A tasty soup will be prepared from vegetables vegetables sourced from local farms and markets that would otherwise have been wasted and will be distributed to the public. The event is open to the public: Visitors and the citizens of Milan are invited to join in, enjoy an evening full of music, drinks, inspiring exchanges and a free meal. Location: Mercato Metropolitano

On Sunday and Monday (October 4-5), several organizations and supporting initiatives will bring their approach to the table of discussion and take a stand on important food-related topics to exchange knowledge and practicalities. Our partners will contribute to the program through different formats and on a variety of hot topics, including discussions on Women in Agriculture (ACRA & Oxfam), Access to Land and Land Grabbing (FAO) and Edible Insects, Novel or Novelty? (Nordic Food Lab & GREEiNSECT); along with workshops on the formation of agricultural cooperatives (Agriterra) and the creation of good food businesses (Sustainable Food Trust).
Sunday and Monday will also see a series of public events taking place at Mercato Metropolitano, which will encourage interaction between the people of Milan and the international farmers and food artisans present.

On October 6, the last day of the event, the 2,500 participants will march through EXPO and present their suggested best practices, concepts and ideas to show the world how to feed the planet in the future in an ecologically sustainable way.

The event website offers further details on the event and its

* Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet (from October 3-6, 2015, Milan) will bring together around 2,500 young food producers from all over the world: farmers, breeders, fishers and students. This event focuses on the future of food and farming and is organized by Slow Food, the Slow Food Youth Network, the University of Gastronomic Sciences and the Terra Madre Foundation in collaboration with Mipaaf, Fondazione Cariplo, Compagnia di San Paolo, the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, with the support of the Comune di Milano, with the official partner Unicredit. The four-day event will take place in the center of Milan, divided over two major locations: the urban farmers’ market Mercato Metropolitano and event location Superstudio, both situated in the Porta Genova area. 

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