With the accession of Linz, the Earth Markets network in Austria reaches six!

12 May 2022 | English

Press release – May 12, 2022

From May 14 every second Saturday of the month at the Linzerie


The network of Earth Markets—farmers’ markets that follow Slow Food principles—continues to expand fastly in Austria. After the Sibratsgfäll Earth Market last week, now Linz Earth Market joins the Slow Food network bringing the total number of markets in the country to six, and 80 worldwide.

The Slow Food Earth Market in Linz is the second in Oberösterreich, after Vöcklabruck.

The city of Linz, near the border with the Czech Republic, is one of the most populous cities in the country. Despite being an industrial city, it is very active from a cultural point of view and among its inhabitants there is a growing tendency to consume more quality food, with a remarkable flourishing of stores and restaurants that refer to the world of organic food. Unfortunately, there is also a large part of the population that does not have access to good, clean and fair food.

The new market will take place next to the most famous shopping street, Landstraße, on the second floor of a small shopping center, the Linzerie, renovated in 2021. This is a quality-oriented shopping center that represents one of the few sustainable supply opportunities in the area. The owner of the Linzerie is Sparkasse Oberösterreich, the main sponsor of Slow Food in Upper Austria. The proposal to set up a market on a monthly basis came about during the mapping of local producers carried out by Slow Food Austria during the Culinary Land Survey 2022.

“The main goal of the Linz Earth Market is to get more range, more understanding for the Slow Food movement in one of our state capitals” says Christina Kottnig, referent of Slow Food Austria.” In Linz we have the chance to inspire some new interested people for clean, good and fair food. In our opinion it is the only market in the region, which guarantee all these three aspects. We want to fascinate people for handcrafted, traditional food. We are sure that we succeed because it is a Slow Food Earth Market, not only a normal farmers’ market. The big difference is that the producers theirselves are at the market. Nobody can tell the story behind the origin as authentically as the producers theirselves”.

Slow Food Austria’s proposal has met with the general interest of the producers, who have founded a Slow Food Community that aims to develop the Earth Market. Simon Humer, one of the producers, will have the role of spokesperson and the market will be set up as a participatory cooperation project; all decisions will be coordinated with the “founding” producers, the contact persons of the Slow Food Convivium in Linz (Philipp Braun and Sandra Aigmüller) and proposals and details will be worked out in the new and voluntary organizational team.

The market will feature 16 organically certified exhibitors from up to 40 km from the city of Linz. Two of them will also carry a breed of sheep (Krainer Steinschaf) and a cheese, Graukase (Innviertler Abgereifter) both named on Slow Food’s Ark of Taste.

The exhibitors are:

  1. Berta Mayrhofer, Biohof Aronia Mühlviertel (Mauthausen): organic family business that produces aronia berries and derivatives (dried fruit, juices, jams) nuts, pumpkin seeds (ground, cold pressed oil).
  2. Laura Wolfsteiner, Chris und Laura Biolandwirtschaft (Leonding): meat, sausages from Mangalica pigs, dwarf zebu cattle and Krainer Steinschafe sheep. Organic apple juice, still and sparkling, cider.
  3. Raphael Hagmüller, Biohof Hagmüller (Oftering): milk, butter, yogurt, curd.
  4. Simon Humer, Biohof Thomabauer (Prambachkirchen): Family farm that raises pigs, poultry and produces cereals.
  5. Ulrike Stögermayr, Biohof Stögermayr (Vöcklabruck) – Apples and derivatives (juice, cider, must, vinegar).
  6. Viktor Gruber, Luvi Ferment (Altmünster am Traunsee): Misos and shoyu-like sauces made with local ingredients.
  7. Anna Pevny, Biohof Pevny (Niederneukirchen ): Bread, cakes and cereals.
  8. Norbert Kranawetter, Biohof Humplgut (Leonstein)- organic farm that raises Krainer Stein sheep and pasture-fed Aberdeen Angus cattle.
  9. Markus Scharner, Mosberger Pilzmanufaktur Bio (Perg): organic cultivation of mushrooms.
  10. Karin Metz, Biohof Metz (Haag): a farm which produces 150 varieties of edible and ornamental pumpkins – raw and processed (pasta, flour, seed oil etc.)
  11. Renate Höglinger, Biohof Höglinger (Putzleinsdorf): Organic farm butcher shop that produces sausages and cold cuts without preservatives and additives.
  12. Markus Hehenberger, Biohof Hehenberger (Wels): Seasonal fruits (apricots, peaches, plums, apples, pears, grapes and quinces). Various juices, apple cider, apple vinegar, apple chips.
  13. Theresa Wurm, Biohof Nachbarsgarten (Oftering): Multifunctional organic farm that grows and processes vegetables – raw and pickled.
  14. Robert Strasser, Naturbauernhof Strasse (Frankenburg): gray cheese (Graukase), cheeses, raw milk butter.
  15. Monika Krammer-Pinter, Biohof Krammer-Pinter Firmierung des Betriebs (Lasberg): organic farm that produces Musli, sweet lupins, flax seeds, hemp, walnuts, spices (cumin and fennel), spelt pasta.
  16. Erkentraud e Richard Leisch, Kräutermanufaktur Sallmannsberg KG, (Prambachkirchen): family farm that produces herbal teas, spices and spice blends, herbal salts, wild fruit jams, herbal syrups, fruit and herbal vinegars.


Linzerie am Taubenmarkt Landstraße 12,

4020 Linz 1.


The second Saturday of the month,

from 10:00 to 15.00 hrs.


Simon Humer

Tel + 43 664 9909125

E-mail: [email protected]

For further information:

Website Slow Food Linz: http://www.slowfoodlinz.at/slow_food.html

Slow Food Austria website: https://www.slow-food.at/

Slow Food International Press Office

Paola Nano – [email protected] (+39) 329 8321285

Alessia Pautasso – [email protected] (+39) 342 8641029



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