UK Chef Sanjay Prosenjit at Slow Fish 2011 Genoa, Italy 27-30 May

04 May 2011 | English

Sanjay Prosenjit Kumar, chef and leader of Slow Food Cornwall will be one of the protagonists of the biennial event dedicated to sustainable fishing and the responsible consumption of fish. Sanjay has worked in kitchens around the glob, from the Al Riyadh Palace for King Fahad to Falmouth’s Greenbank hotel.
Through his work, Sanjay strives to promote traditional methods of fishing, while encouraging youngsters to respect and enjoy the legacy of fresh fish.

At Slow Fish, Sanjay will be cooking at the Alliance Osteria, where 20 cooks from different countries will be taking turns in the kitchen to prepare delicious and inventive seafood dishes using Slow Food Presidia products. Sanjay will be presenting a modern twist on Cornish sardines with his English Salt fish with spiced polenta.

“Over the years”, says the Chef, “the market and demand for Cornish fish has dwindled, due to alternate cheaper sources and modern methods of industrial fishing. Slow Fish is a platform to rekindle the interests in restoring the pride of origin of a delicacy that is so proper to Cornwall, and the people who earn a living catching it, from shore to plate.”

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Slow Fish Press Office
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Regione Liguria: Mauro Boccaccio, +39 010 5485727 [email protected]
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Notes to the Editor:
Slow Food UK is part of the global Slow Food movement founded by Carlo Petrini in Italy in 1989 which now has over 100,000 members in 150 countries.

In the UK, Slow Food UK is helping people to reconnect with the food on their plate, by understanding where their food comes from and how to enjoy. We encourage people to have a point of view about the food choices they make and the implications these choices have for themselves, food producers and the planet.
The UK Ark of Taste helps to save Britain’s forgotten foods. Fish and seafood products in The Ark include Fal & Colchester Native Oysters, Windermere Char and Morecambe Bay Shrimps.
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