Tourism according to Slow Food: two new itineraries in the Canton of Valais are underway

28 Aug 2020 | English

Slow Food Switzerland presents a preview of the destinations that enrich the Slow Food Travel project

Slow Food Travel – the Slow Food project that proposes tourist itineraries with the aim of bringing travelers closer to the conservation of food biodiversity and to the knowledge of local cultures, identities and gastronomies – presents for the first time to the public two new itineraries in Switzerland, in the regions of Grand Entremont and Fully, in the canton of Valais.

The occasion is the General Assembly of Slow Food Switzerland, which on 29 August will bring its members together at the Espace St-Marc in Le Châble (VS).


During the days of the congress, members will have the opportunity to get to know more than 50 producers, artisans and the accommodation and catering facilities in the area by participating in the visits organized following the Slow Food Travel route. The proposal includes: a gastronomic excursion to the La Chaux mountain pasture above Verbier, which will allow visitors to witness the transformation of milk into cheese; a trip to Sarreyer to discover traditional bread-making in a wood-burning oven, during which it will also be possible to meet the druids of the town, connoisseurs of wild herbs, and to be introduced to the use and distillation of medicinal plants; an electric bike route above Fully (Chiboz); a visit to Vollèges, a village with an ancient charm where guests will try their hand at making cressin bagnarde, a traditional bread baked in the Bannal oven, a tradition dating back to the feudal era.


Slow Food Travel offers territories the opportunity to develop their potential as a quality gastronomic destination, in compliance with the strict guidelines and philosophy of the association, through the construction of alliances and experiences that best enhance the local gastronomic heritage.

The canton of Valais, in particular, is still characterized by a family agricultural production aimed to preserve its ancient history. It offers many tourist attractions and natural treasures to visitors: from the largest alpine glacier to the largest Baroque castle in Switzerland, passing through the highest altitude vineyard in Europe. A land rich in precious traditions, which Slow Food is committed to making known to the world.

Click here to find out more about Slow Food Travel and the new itineraries and write to [email protected] for reservations and information.

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