Thousands of Young Farmers Come to Milan to Discuss the Future of Food

25 May 2015 | English

Slow Food launches a crowdfunding platform created by Saatchi & Saatchi to enable young farmers to attend the event ‘Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet’

Feeding the planet is the biggest challenge this generation has to face. With EXPO 2015 focusing on exactly this, the world is looking to Milan for answers. But isn’t it senseless to discuss the future of feeding the planet without the presence of Small Scale Producers, young farmers and food producers? We need all voices and opinions: It’s time to give a voice to those who work hard, night and day, to put food on people’s plates.

As EXPO comes to a close, Slow Food and the Slow Food Youth Network are taking the unique opportunity to bring together thousands of young food producers from all over the world: farmers, breeders, fishermen and students will meet in Milan from October 3-6 for We Feed the Planet – Terra Madre Youth, an event organized by the Slow Food Youth Network to discuss the future of food and our planet.

Through workshops, debates and lectures offered on different levels, young visitors will gain knowledge and have discussions about all elements of the food system. The event facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas among youth from all over the world, without holding on to dogmatic ideas, but by having open debates on food issues. As a result, new projects, business, and innovative solutions will be presented, together with a co-created and live tweeted vision on the future of food and farming.

“On the occasion of World Biodiversity Day, celebrated worldwide tomorrow, we want to put the spotlight on the concrete solutions needed to protect the world, in a unique event”, explains Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food International. “The future of the planet lies in the hands of the younger generation, and the only solution looking forward is to discuss and debate, because caring about the food we eat means caring for natural resources and everyone’s health. This is why it is so important to give these young people the possibility of meeting and sowing the seeds for a better future for us all”, concluded Petrini.

“It is essential to guarantee young people from all corners of the world, the possibility to travel and attend this event, to enable them to be the creators of their own, and our common, future,” says Joris Lohman, member of the Slow Food International Executive Committee and Slow Food Youth Network representative. “The crowdfunding platform, available via the website, is an instrument to make this possible. Even through a small donation, we can make sure that those who deserve it most, to be in the EXPO spotlight”, he added. Additionally, funds will go towards the 10,000 Gardens in Africa project, which is helping to change the future of many communities in the African continent.

The platform has been developed by Saatchi & Saatchi, the world-renowned communications and advertising agency. Saatchi & Saatchi decided to focus on young farmers, so-called Small Scale Producers, making them the protagonists of a communication campaign involving the entire city of Milan. A series of small miniatures depicting different nationalities and ethnicities, created by skilled nativity scene artisans from Naples, are placed in strategic spots around the city, perfectly integrated within the urban context. They create surprising dioramas bearing the message: “We Feed The Planet”. The website also features a video showing the creation of the miniatures, a journey which starts in the artisans’ small shops in Naples, taking them up to Milan. The video was made by Think Cattleya and directed by the duo COLTO. The fundraising campaign has already received the endorsement of distinguished names such as Dario Fo, Raj Patel, Alice Waters and Claudio Marchisio, showing their support through video messages.

“It is a real privilege to work with associations such as Slow Food, born in our country and now famous around the world; particularly in the year that Italy becomes a showcase for world food thanks to Expo 2015”, added Giuseppe Caiazza, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Italy and France, and Head of Automotive Business of Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA.

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