The gastronomic side of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto

15 Jun 2022 | English

Taste Workshops

Learning through tasting has always been a peculiar activity linked to Slow Food and its events, and this year also delicious sensory education comes in a thousand flavors at the Taste Workshops of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto.

The Taste Workshops are a way to widen participants’ knowledge while stimulating the senses and listening to the stories of the people behind the products. Through Taste Workshops people can discover the world of natural products and landscapes, starting from natural cheeses, made with raw milk and without selected starters, and natural charcuterie, which comes from free grazing, local breeds whose meat is processed without nitrites.

Behind every land there are stories, gastronomic traditions, flavors and artisanal techniques being preserved and passed on among our human community. Every gastronomic tradition is potentially a unique tourism experience: that’s the idea at the heart of Slow Food Travel, and during specific workshops participants can taste the flavors of the Karst Plateau, Carinthia, Etna, the Valais and many others.

Visitors can also explore the bottles of the Slow Wine Coalition, the international network that brings together protagonists from the wine world, united in their passion for good, clean and fair wine. The program is also enriched with workshops dedicated to coffee, organized at Nuvola Lavazza, beer and Italian gastronomy.

Dinner Dates

Four unmissable dinner dates await participants at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, where they discover new interpretations of Italian and international cuisine as prepared by members of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance and chefs from the restaurants featured in our annual Osterie d’Italia guide.

Some dinners are dedicated to the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance, present in a number of countries around the world. Italian chefs propose a dinner based on foraging, with edible wild herbs and berries from the forests of Piedmont and Trentino. Among its members Slow Food is glad to welcome Altin Prenga back to Turin: his contribution to the revival of Albanian gastronomy has been fundamental. After years working in Italy he returned to his native land where he opened an agri-tourism, Mrizi I Zanave, and he is slowly building a business that isn’t just a restaurant, but a farm that grows its own food.

A special Dinner Date is organised by Slow Food main partner Pastificio Di Martino and its Barbie project: part of the proceeds from the sale of Barbie pasta goes to Food for Soul, an international non-profit dedicated to promoting socially-responsible actions that improve the health of our bodies and our planet. Pastificio Di Martino invites acclaimed Italian women chefs for the occasion.

The restaurants featured in Slow Food annual Osterie d’Italia guide are the most authentic expressions of Italian cuisine. In a journey around the country, with stops in the North, Center and South, Terra Madre final Dinner Date invites people to explore how different parts of Italy interpret meat, fish and vegetables.

Here you find the Taste Workshops full programme

and the Dinner Dates full programme

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