Terra Madre Nordic, the first meeting of the Nordic Slow Food

14 Mar 2018 | English

Copenhagen Meat Packing District, April 27-29

Terra Madre Nordic is the meeting of the Nordic Slow Food network of small-scale, high-quality producers, activists, academics and cooks. The event is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers; partners in the project include Slow Food communities from across the Nordic Countries, as well as several organizations, institutions and companies.

Over the weekend of 27th-29th April 2018, there will be a marketplace showcasing producers, Slow Food, like-minded organizations and more. A range of taste workshops and moderated tastings will focus on product pairings and production methods, while talks, panels and debates will explore the politics of food. The program will put together 80 Exhibitors, Taste Workshops, debates, conferences, talks, and 200 Slow Food activists are expected from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Åland, Sapmi.

The objectives are to start a dialogue across the Nordic countries about sustainable food production and consumption, create stronger, dedicated networks and relaunch the conversation about good, clean and fair New Nordic Food.

The event is being held in Copenhagen Food Space, Copenhagen House of Food and other locations in the Meatpacking district. The marketplace is open Saturday, 28th of April, 10-18, and again Sunday, 29th of April, 10-16. We expect 5000 visitors to join us celebrate the foods of the Nordic region, entrance costs 50 kr. for both days.

Slow Food is engaged in in the Nordic Countries and through the local network achieved significant results:

  • 12 Presidia; for the safeguard of native breeds, local plant varieties, traditional processing methods and production


Artisanal Sognefjord Geitost

Cured and Smoked Sunnmøre Herring

Hedmark and Oppland Counties Pultost

Møre og Romsdal Salted Cod

Villsau Sheep


Jämtland Cellar-Matured Goat Cheese

Öland Island Brown Beans

Reindeer Suovas

Sámi Reindeer Gurpi


Icelandic Goat

Traditional Icelandic Skyr


Thorup Strand Small-Scale Fishing

  • 125 products on board of the Ark of Taste; for the protection of small-scale quality productions, extraordinary heritage of our planet

25 in Norway, 44 in Sweden, 35 in Denmark, 11 in Finland, 20 in Iceland

  • 10 chefs involved in the Chef’s Alliance in Iceland; our network of chefs defending food biodiversity across the world

Find the program on www.tmn18.com

More information on Slow Food: http://localhost/slowfood/

Facebook: Terra Madre Nordic 2018

Instagram: terramadrenordic

Twitter: @TerraNordic

For more information, please contact project manager and leader of Slow Food Copenhagen, Johan K. Dal: [email protected] or +45 20760674

Slow Food International: [email protected]

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